Build Your Own Digital Movie Collection

Personal digital movie libraries are an exciting and inexpensive way build your movie collection with new releases and old favorites. This is a revolution that's really only beginning. Just as MP3's changed the music landscape forever so will digital movies change the way you collect and watch your favorite movies and TV series.

Sure, you can stream some movies and television on Netflix, Hulu and others like them. But available titles are always changing on those sites and they never have the latest releases. To watch what you want when you want, purchasing is best option. So why buy digital copies instead of Blu-ray discs?

  • Blu-rays take up a lot of shelf space
  • Blu-rays cost $20-$30 per movie. The latest digital movies can be purchased on Ultraviolet Cinema for $8 to $10 - older releases for even less!
  • Your collection of Digital movies is always available to you anywhere that you have an internet connection
  • Download your digital movies and watch them without an internet connection
  • Share your collection. You can share you digital movie collection with up to 5 friends for family members

There are three major digital movie formats. Ultraviolet, Movies Anywhere, and iTunes. Most studios support all three and have cross platform compatibility. So supported movies can be redeemed at and watched from multiple providers. Notable exceptions are Paramount and Lionsgate films which are Ultraviolet or iTunes only.

How to Get Started

Browse Ultraviolet Cinema to see the current availability and prices of movies and television series from dozens of stores. When you find the movie you want, click the link to go to the store's website where you'll complete the purchase of your digital code. Your code will arrive by email, within moments from some stores . Most codes can be redeemed at Movies Anywhere or VUDU. Some codes must be redeemed on iTunes. The email you receive should include instructions for redeeming your code and adding the movie to your library.

Once you've redeemed your code, it's in your library and ready to watch! Most of your movies will be watchable on your TV, phone, computer, or tablet from a variety of providers. In other words a movie redeemed on Movies Anywhere can be viewed with Amazon Prime Video, Movies Anywhere, Vudu, FandangoNow, or iTunes. But not all movie studios support cross platform compatibility. You can tell what format your movie is in by checking for the Ultraviolet (UV), Movies Anywhere, and iTunes logos on the movie info page page of your app. The majority of movies are Movies Anywhere compatible so can be viewed in all of the locations listed above. However, currently Paramount and Lionsgate titles are only Ultraviolet format and must be redeemed and watched using Ultraviolet compatible sites such as Vudu or FandangoNow. If you're not sure, you can always watch from the same provider where you originally redeemed your code.